Ronda Rousey Wrestled Marshawn Lynch on Mars


Fox recently sent a bunch of celebrities into outer space for a show called Stars on Mars. I can't imagine what it costs to send 12 people to Mars, but the budge for this show must be insane. First you've got to send people up there to build enough housing for the people who are then going to colonize the planet and then there's the whole television production aspect to consider. Things must be going very well over there if they can afford this kind of thing just to make 42-minutes of television a week.

Anyway, on the latest episode the stars had to deal with a water shortage, which seems like it could be a problem for the longterm viability of the colony, or the chances that any of them actually return to earth. I haven't seen the episode, but since Fox uploaded a lighthearted video of Ronda Rousey and Marshawn Lynch wrestling for the role of base commander yesterday, I'm going to assume they figured out the water supply issues and no one has perished.

Again, I've never seen the show, so I don't know how often hand-to-hand combat comes up, but considering Rousey has already taken out Marshawn Lynch, I'm not sure what chances of Christopher Mintz-Plasse or Natasha Leggero stand of getting off that planet alive. They'll have to lean on Lance Armstrong since he has the most experience in space.

Nothing like Mars.