Ron Jaworski: NFL Risks Losing Viewers With Endless Boring Reviews

Stephen Douglas
Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings
Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Ron Jaworski appeared on the The Dan Patrick Show today. Patrick and Jaws talked about the absurd pass interference reviews that took place during Thursday's Eagles-Packers game. This launched Jaws into a ratings take that might worry the NFL.

"These games are going way, way, way too long. I'm not sure how TV is going to be able to monitor this, but I believe they're going to lose their audience when you show the zebras all the time and meetings all the time and discussions all the time and Mike Pereira all the time."

First of all, how dare someone suggest that the American public doesn't love Mike Pereira! He's done so much to humanize referees.

Second of all, the NFL is still just too big to fail. Ratings dip because of whatever reason, but they still draw the biggest numbers of anything on television and it isn't close. NFL ratings are only ever bad when compared to NFL ratings. So yes, replays are dumb and take forever, but they the price we pay to watch football. Even if some people tune out, more people will still be watching football than watch almost anything else.