Ron DeSantis' Phone Goes Off During Event: 'I Don't Know Why Anyone Is Calling Me, They Know I'm Here'


Ron DeSantis was campaigning in Coralville, Iowa on Thursday. He opened with a joke (video below) about his 4-year-old son asking him if they were in heaven while playing catch near a cornfield before getting to the serious business, which was eventually interrupted by someone who forgot to silence their cell phone. DeSantis quickly realized that he was the one who forgot to turn of his cell phone before the event.

"Sorry, that’s my phone, I don't know why anyone is calling me, they know I'm here."

Having gotten one of his trademark laughs from the crowd, DeSantis quickly recovered and went back to talking about why he was running for president, because some people aren't running to be president. But he is. And if the people of Iowa don't know that by the end of a long, long bus tour, well then it's unclear what he has to do to convince them.

Anyway, here's that intro about his kids enjoying their time riding a bus tour through Iowa.

The man knows how to work a very small room. Especially in Iowa, a state with six electoral votes which were carried by Donald Trump in both the 2020 and 2016 Presidential elections.