Brian Kilmeade Interviewed Ron DeSantis While Playing Catch at a Baseball Field For Some Reason

Stephen Douglas
Ron DeSantis throwing a baseball.
Ron DeSantis throwing a baseball. /

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, was in Iowa over the weekend making sure he has middle America's support to run for president next year. On Monday morning DeSantis was interviewed on FOX News by Brian Kilmeade in back in Florida. The interview took place on a high school baseball field and they even played catch. (Update: The original article said the interview took place in Iowa.)

Perhaps inpired by his trip to the home of the Field of Dreams, the interview took place on a baseball field. Or maybe they were looking to capture that Spring Training feeling. Whatever the reason, the interview has drawn some softball comparisons.

Even if DeSantis does look pretty comfortable playing catch with a suit on, there are still some serious Michael and Dwight throwing the football vibes here.