Ron DeSantis Cracks Himself Up, Quickly Resets to Factory Mode

Ha ha ha!


Ron DeSantis is traveling around the country letting everyone know that he's running for president right now. Every now and then he stops to interact with people and it's always an adventure. During one of this latest stops he was asked about his polling numbers, which one person said were "substantially behind" Donald Trump. Rather than take this one sitting down, DeSantis took control of the narrative, stretched out his face, said, "Not here!" and launched into an animated, maniacal laugh.

Then, about a second later, he did a full reboot to factory settings. Having gotten the laugh from the crowd he required, he was clearly satisfied. That's just good crowd work. And the face of a man pleased with his human-ing.

It really is incredible. That is just not the face of a person who has found something humorous in the recent past. Forcing himself to laugh like that clearly takes a lot out of him. Either that or the woke agenda is weighing heavily on his mind. Especially knowing that he isn't home in Florida to protect his home state while Barbie and the US Women's soccer team are posing such clear threats.