Roman Reigns Made Right Decision Backing Out of Wrestlemania Title Match Due to Health Concerns

Roman Reigns and Goldberg face-off over the WWE Universal Title
Roman Reigns and Goldberg face-off over the WWE Universal Title /

Roman Reigns will not be taking part in the WWE's Universal Title match at Wrestlemania 36. Reigns has reportedly decided to back out due to health concerns. Reigns is immunocompromised due to his battle with leukemia, potentially making him more susceptible to coronavirus. He obviously made the right decision.

Reigns was supposed to face current champion Goldberg when the WWE taped Wrestlemania 36 at the WWE Performance Center. The taping was supposed to be done by today, so this apparently has all already been decided and played out. The show will be broadcast on April 4 and 5.

Back in October of 2018, Reigns took a leave of absence after receiving news that his leukemia had returned. He had previously battled the disease in 2007 when he was a member of the Minnesota Vikings. He returned to Raw in February 2019 and announced his leukemia was in remission.

While Wrestlemania is a huge event every year for the WWE and its wrestlers, but that's not worth Reigns risking his health over. Obviously this was the right decision.

No word has leaked as to who will be replacing Reigns in the title match to battle Goldberg, but the WWE will have to make a quick pivot.