Rolando McClain Reinstated By NFL Nearly Four Years After He Last Played

Stephen Douglas

Rolando McClain has been reinstated by the NFL according to Pro Football Talk. The former Alabama star and Oakland Raiders’ first round draft pick hasn’t played a down since 2015. Now 30-years old, McClain told that he was finally healthy and wasn’t satisfied with how his professional career had gone.

McClain was drafted by the Raiders in 2010. In 2011 he was arrested for assault after he put a gun to a man’s head. The Raiders cut after the 2012 season and he signed with the Baltimore Ravens. Around that time in 2013 he was arrested after he signed a traffic citation “F–k Ya’ll.” A few months later he was arrested for disorderly conduct. McClain never played for the Ravens because he retired, saying that he had felt like Aaron Hernandez.

He then returned to the NFL and played two seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. During his time with the Cowboys he was suspended multiple times for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. In 2016, after he was suspended indefinitely, it came out that he had been addicted to purple drank.

After all that, McClain had hip surgery and returned to Alabama and got his degree. The question is, who wants to roll the dice with McClain who had plenty of off-field issues to go along with his injuries and disappointing play. This would be an improbable comeback for any number of reasons.