Roger Goodell Was Reportedly Paid 50 Percent More Than His Max Annual Salary Over The Last Two Years

Stephen Douglas
2020 NFL Draft - Round 1
2020 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Handout/GettyImages

Remember the 2020 NFL Draft when Roger Goodell hosted from his mancave? Well, the rest of the house is probably nice, too. If he's even still living in such modest conditions because he has made a lot of money since we were invited inside his home. Via the New York Times:

Goodell’s compensation was discussed at a two-day meeting of the league’s owners in Manhattan this week. During a session on Wednesday when only team owners were in attendance, a slide was shown listing the commissioner’s pay: $63,900,050 per year, or just under $128 million for the fiscal years 2019-20 and 2020-21.

Now, if that sounds like a lot of money, it is. Consider the details of his contract that were leaked when he signed his extension back in 2017 that said he would earn a "base salary" of $4 million with the possibility to make "up to" $40 million based on incentives. Think about that for a minute. Goodell has done such a good job in the eyes of the NFL owners that he's been paid 50 percent more than his contract stated he could earn.

Basically, it's the opposite of every reported NFL contract. Players never reach what their deal was supposedly worth while Goodell is smashing through the glass cash ceiling. The NFL is obviously over-compensating for something.

Of course, maybe the NFL just front-loaded the deal. Maybe Goodell will go from making $63.9 million annually to $36 million over the next two years to make that original $200 million figure accurate. Not sure how one could live on such a massive paycut, but Goodell has a nice mancave, so he should be OK.