Roger Goodell's COVID-19 Advisory Team Has Zero Medical Background, But a Ton of Football Experience

Stephen Douglas
Tom Coughlin and Roger Goodell.
Tom Coughlin and Roger Goodell. / Dario Cantatore/Getty Images

Roger Goodell has put his team together. According to Pro Football Talk, this is the outside advisory team that will advise him on COVID-19 issues throughout the 2020 NFL season. Champ Bailey, Isaac Bruce, Charley Casserly, Tom Coughlin, Marvin Lewis, Troy Polamalu, Bill Polian, and Rick Smith.

It is certainly a superteam of people who have played and been around football for decades, but the fact that there isn't a single person with a medical background or from outside the NFL family seems like it could lead to trouble. Here's what the team will advise Goodell on, according to Troy Vincent:

"matters relating to whether games should proceed, and also on issues regarding playoff seeding if some teams play fewer than 16 games in 2020, due to the pandemic."

How are some of them going to be objective about seeding playoff teams? Some of these guys are synonymous with certain franchises. Unless Polamalu is in charge of player hygeine (presented by Head & Shoulders) and Coughlin is there to set clocks in all 32 cities ahead by five minutes so coronavirus gets sent home after it shows up late everyday, it's unclear how they can help.

As usual, we will finish on a more serious note... where the hell are the medical professionals? When you ask eight football guys whether you should play football, what do you think they will say? Maybe their roles will end up being different from what we've heard so far, but it doesn't seem like there's a lot of objectivity about whether football is safe in this group.