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Roger Goodell Leaves the Door Open to Removing an NFL Owner

Ryan Phillips
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's Super Bowl Press Conference
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's Super Bowl Press Conference / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Roger Goodell met with the media on Wednesday as the NFL's events for Super Bowl LVI kicked into high gear. He answered a ton of questions about the league's need for diversity in hiring, but one comment stood out. When asked if the league's other owners have the authority to remove another owner, he said he believed they could.

Here's the exact quote:

The fact that he didn't shut down talk like that, or say he didn't want to address a hypothetical, etc. is eye-opening.

The first two names that come to mind when a subject like this is raised would be Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder and Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

Snyder has had a laundry list of problems over the years and the recent allegations levied at him during a congressional hearing just made things much worse. Washington's front office was a cesspool of sexual harassment and Snyder allegedly knew of and participated in that culture.

As for Ross, if the league believes he offered to pay Brian Flores to intentionally lose games, that could be incredibly damaging to the sport. If teams are essentially fixing games by losing on purpose, the integrity of the NFL is out the window.

Now, do I think other NFL owners are going to vote to remove Snyder or Ross? No. But the fact that Goodell is openly saying they have the right to do so is interesting.