Roger Goodell Given Green Light to Hug Everyone in Sight During NFL Draft

Kyle Koster
NFL Draft
NFL Draft / Elsa/Getty Images

The NFL is returning to an in-person draft next week in Cleveland and the question on everyone's mind amid this world of uncertainty was answered this morning by ESPN's Adam Schefter. The answer is a resounding yes. Yes, Roger Goodell will be allowed to hug the players.

So much can change in a year. Last April Goodell was forced to broadcast alone from his basement like some sort of ham-radio enthusiast. Now he'll be doing awkward to semi-awkward bro hugs with the best incoming talent. Who says miracles aren't real?

That's right. No more this.

Two days down. That’s worth a hug for the commish ?

Posted by ESPN on Friday, April 24, 2020

And so much more of this.

Quite simply, we're about to see the biggest lovefest to descend upon Northern Ohio since Floyd swept Liz Lemon off for a romantic getaway. Ratings will surely be incredible. Ikea remains up in the air.