Roger Goodell Changed Outfits Mid-NFL Draft

Brian Giuffra
Roger Goodell NFL Draft outfit.
Roger Goodell NFL Draft outfit. / Handout/Getty Images

You see it all the time at weddings and Sweet 16s. The person of the moment comes to the party in one outfit and then changes into a new one midway through to remind people who they should be paying attention to.

Not saying that's why Roger Goodell changed outfits midway through the NFL Draft, but, fact is, he did.

If you've never been in front of television lighting, one thing you should know is they're hot and get hotter as time goes on. Throw them in an enclosed room in a basement with low ceilings and you get an unyielding hot box. Perhaps that played a role in Goodell going more casual with the v-neck sweater at some point during the first round of the NFL. Or maybe he just wanted to see if people were paying attention. We are.

Goodell had a few miscues during the draft, most notably when he said announced Las Vegas will host the 2020 NFL Draft (when he meant 2022), but this move just leaves me wondering what happened and why. It could have been the heat or maybe just a new look was in order. We may never know. But Goodell certainly was the star of this show.