Why Is Roger Goodell Avoiding Dan Patrick?

Stephen Douglas
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Where is Roger Goodell? It has been literally years since Goodell has appeared on The Dan Patrick Show. Patrick and his associates wondered whether Goodell had been avoiding the host recently. He hadn't appeared on The Dan Patrick since 2015 when Ross Tucker was guest-hosting. Before that it was 2012 when Mike Florio was filling in for Patrick.

It's an interesting conversation if you're into that kind of media stuff. Even Patrick admits that many fans might not care. While it's pretty clear that Goodell has been avoiding Patrick for years, he also appears to have taken a step back from the spotlight recently.

It wasn't long ago that he was getting publicly involved with what seemed like every little thing players did. For example, Goodell was very prominent when suspensions were handed to Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. Yet he was basically nowhere to be seen when Tyreek Hill avoided punishment this year.

The reason for that seems to be that Goodell is quietly working on the next collective bargaining agreement and league's next television deal. When those two things are done, he'll likely leave his role as commissioner. Goodell's contract runs out at the end of the 2023 season. By then he'll have made an ungodly amount of money and will be nearly 64-years old. The CBA extension negotiations are "positive and productive." The NFL's current TV deals expire in 2022.

Maybe after Goodell retires he'll have time for Dan Patrick. Stay tuned!