Roundup: Roe v. Wade Bill Fails in Senate; Emmy Rossum's Angelyne Obsession; Bucks Take 3-2 Lead on Celtics

Emmy Rossum, Peacock Hosts Exclusive Screening And Premiere For "ANGELYNE"
Emmy Rossum, Peacock Hosts Exclusive Screening And Premiere For "ANGELYNE" / Frazer Harrison/GettyImages

Senate bill to codify Roe v. Wade fails ... NBA legend Bob Lanier dies at 73 ... Florida judge will reject Florida congressional map ... Tyler Joseph was working on song for new "Top Gun" movie before Tom Cruise "fired everyone" ... Stocks dropped again on Wednesday ... Al Jazeera says American reporter was killed by IDF in the West Bank region ... Judd Apatow wants to make "Superbad 2" ... Film about Antetokounmpo brothers' lives to hit Disney+ in June ... "The View" fails to edit Joy Behar's Trump tweets commentary in time ... "Flight of the Conchords" co-founder Bret McKenzie plans solo album ... Hayden Panettiere reprising "Scream" role ... Passenger with no flying experience landed plane after pilot became incapacitated ... Baby formula shortage becoming bigger and bigger problem ... CDC says US drug overdose death toll reached all-time high in 2021 ... Florida students win yearbook dispute over "Don't Say Gay" protest photos ... Bucks beat the Celtics in a thriller ...

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