Rodolfo Castro Becomes First Major Leaguer to Ever Have His Phone Fall Out of His Pants During a Slide

Kyle Koster

For many, baseball is a second-screen experience as there is ample of time to tinker around on their phone between bursts of action. Ideally, the players actually participating in the game are singularly focused and leave their devices out of reach. But things happen and calls need to be made mid-inning and phones can be placed absent-mindedly into back pockets. Which could be an explanation for the Major League Baseball history made last night in Phoenix as Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Rodolfo Castro had his phone sail out of his baseball pants while diving head-first into third base.

And he had no idea it happened until eagle-eyed umpire Adam Hamari pointed it out.

"I don’t think there’s any professional ballplayer that would ever go out there with any intentions of taking a cellphone,” Castro said through an interpreter postgame. “It's horrible it happened to me. Obviously, it was very unintentional."

Savvy move saying the right thing so the joyless don't pounce on the moment. Castro has played 53 games in the bigs and has yet to figure out the pitching. This is obviously not the way he wanted to garner attention. But he should own it. Trailblazers are never appreciated in the moment and there's a non-zero chance players will be running around looking at iPads while chasing down doubles in the gap within five years. Then in 20 years, baseball and all other sports will be played and officiated by machines.

Nice to savor a human moment while we still can.