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Enjoy This Color Footage of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

Kyle Koster

It never dawned on me that despite a decades-long affinity for A League of Their Own, I'd never seen actual footage of the league depicted in Penny Marshall's classic. Until today, which is surely reflective of an incurious mind and indifference to things that happened three decades before my own existence.

And now I want more. Especially if it's in color. Because everything seems pitch-perfect.

The uniforms. The crisp gameplay. Umpires dressed to the nines.

Hell, hundreds of people crowded together in close proximity to watch an interesting brand of ball and scarf down a few hot dogs. Want it back in our lives. Need it back in them.

Because the internet is undefeated, there was plenty of supplementary material within a few inquisitive keystrokes.

Using, I was able to study the league's history and lament how my hometown Grand Rapids Chicks managed only one title despite being a perennial contender. Or discover in that in one of those years,1947, it was the Muskegon Lassies who won the regular-season. This has to be the high point for professional baseball in West Michigan.

YouTube also has some interesting offerings.

There's six minutes of the Peoria Redwings playing the Rockford Peaches in 1949.

The same for a 1943 game between the South Bend Blue Sox and Racine Belles in 1943.

Among the most bizarre was a 13-minute video of the Peaches taking batting practice working on defensive drills.

There is just something special about an old baseball video. Major League. Little League. Now-defunct league. Whatever. The pastime is so specifically timeless. But you forget that by only living in the present.