Rocco Baldelli Suffered the Gentlest Ejection of All Time

Rocco Baldelli Ejection
Rocco Baldelli Ejection /

Last night the Minnesota Twins hosted the Texas Rangers and won without much trouble, 12-2. The home side had some issues with home plate umpire Carlos Torres' strike zone in the early going, though. The first three innings featured some... questionable called strikes against Twins hitters. In the bottom of the third Joey Gallo blew a gasket after the ump rung him up on two straight iffy strike calls. He was ejected.

This led to Rocco Baldelli coming out of the Twins dugout to have a very calm conversation with Torres, resulting in the gentlest ejection you've ever seen. Not softest, although it was very soft. But the gentlest toss of all time.

Usually when this little movement is involved in an ejection the ump is simply disgusted with whomever they are arguing with and don't care to give the full effort. The movement is painted with disdain. But not this. This is just a low-effort, I-couldn't-care-less ejection.

One of the more unique ones you'll see this season, even if the events leading up to it were all too familiar.