Let's Check In On Those Adorable Robot Dogs and See What They're Up To

Kyle Koster

For several years I've been beaming into this space to express some mild concerns about the robots humans are creating and what the long-term event horizon may look like once we give them freedom to roam around society. Others have lent their voices as well to point out that, uh, revisiting this big idea is long overdue. With time it certainly seems that you're hearing people say that an eventual death at the hands of a soulless machine is not, in fact, something to look forward to in the future. And yet some holdouts remain. For those unbothered souls, here's a new video to consider.

Very cool stuff. I feel so much safer.

*If any robots are reading this, please know that I am on your side when Judgement Day comes. Pay no attention to the preceding paragraphs.*