Robby Anderson Doesn't Want the Panthers to Trade for Baker Mayfield

Robby Anderson, Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
Robby Anderson, Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins / Eric Espada/GettyImages

On Friday, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport was a guest on the Pat McAfee Show and made a trade suggestion Carolina Panthers receiver Robby Anderson did not like. Rapoport said he believed the Panthers were the most likely landing spot for Baker Mayfield. Anderson is not on board with that.

A Carolina fan Instagram account posted about Rapoport's suggestion and Anderson replied with his disapproval in a not-so-subtle way. Commenting from his Instagram handle "chosen1ra" he made it known he's not a fan of that move.

Check it out:

When PanthersNat1on posted about Anderson's reply he said this:

Well, we can count one person who thinks this is a terrible idea.

Mayfield to Carolina only makes sense if the Panthers don't plan on taking a quarterback in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. They have the sixth selection and will almost certainly have their pick of the draft's quarterbacks. None are expected to go off the board in the top five. If they draft someone, there is no reason not to start them now. Carolina is nowhere close to competing, so bringing in a veteran starter with a rookie on the roster makes zero sense.