Robby Anderson Arrested After Threatening to Perform Sexual Act on Police Officer's Wife

By Jason Lisk

Robby Anderson is in a sticky situation after threatening to a police officer that he was, according to Taylor Rooks, “going to find his wife, f—k her, and nut her in her eye.”

That seems a little excessive for the New York Jets’ wide receiver, who has been charged on nine counts. Those charges are “resisting an officer/obstruction without violence, harm to a public servant or family, fleeing/eluding while lights/siren active, reckless driving, failure to drive in a single lane, two counts of disobeying/avoiding a red light, speeding, and turning without a signal.”

That “harm to a public servant or family” is likely in direct response to the unlawful emission threat. Anderson was stopped initially after going 105 in a 45 mph zone, according to SNY.