Robbie Gould-Chicago Bears Reunion Dead as a Doornail

Kyle Koster

It’s been months since Cody Parkey double-doinked his opportunity to put the Chicago Bears through to the next round of the NFL playoffs. Since that time, there’s really only one thing that most Bears fans have wanted to make them feel whole again. And that’s a return of kicker Robbie Gould, who spent 11 years with the franchise, booting balls through the uprights despite notoriously-tough Solider Field conditions.

Well, good morning, Chicago. That dream is dead. There is no pot of Gould at the end of this sad rainbow. The kicker has reached an agreement with the San Francisco 49ers on a long-term contract.

This is rough news.

There has been no immediate answer to the Bears’ kicking issue. There have been open tryouts. Random people off the street have stepped up to try to fill the void. The situation is bad and getting worse.

Chicago opted to break up with a long-term lover thinking it could do better, then found out the market is pretty tough out there. The Bears thought perhaps an old flame could be rekindled, now they’ve been rebuffed.