Here's Rob Manfred Practicing His Golf Swing Right Before Canceling Regular Season Games

Stephen Douglas
MLB Owners Meetings
MLB Owners Meetings / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Major League Baseball labor talks continued to go nowhere this week as owners and commissioner Rob Manfred continue their lockout and bad faith negotiations. Owners have apparently gotten expanded playoffs, but have only made small concessions on anything the players want. On Monday night they appear to have pumped up MLB media to make them think a deal was coming so that they could blame players who rejected another bad deal on Tuesday, which they did.

And that's apparently no skin off the commissioner's back as he was spotted practicing his golf swing this afternoon.

Three hours later, Manfred officially announced the owners would be canceling regular-season games.

Look, it's March in Florida. Who wouldn't be thinking about blowing off work early to go sneak in 18 holes? It's not like there are pressing matters at hand. Considering Manfred was doing this out in the open, it's unlikely any of his 30 bosses have a problem with him showing this wonton disregard for the task at hand.

It's clear one side cares about there being baseball anytime soon and the other, well, they've got tee times.