Rob Manfred's Ultimate Goal for the Season is to Hand the World Series Trophy to a 'Lucky Owner'

Stephen Douglas
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred / Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Rob Manfred did an interview with the Los Angeles Times. The MLB commissioner was asked what his definition of a successful season would be. Perhaps that everyone got through it healthy? That they were able to pull off a season in the face of a logistical nightmare and a public health crisis? No. He just wants to see a happy owner.

Manfred would define a successful MLB season as one where he is able to, "hand the World Series trophy to some lucky owner."

What an incredibly weird answer! Obviously, Manfred as commissioner must have the support of the owners, but to actually say out loud that the best part of the World Series is that some super-rich guy gets to feel extra special...

Who knows how much Rob Manfred actually likes the sport of baseball, but at no point in time in 2020 has he indicated that it is "much" or "at all." He almost single-handedly kept the season from taking place and then when the poorly planned season got off to a rocky start, he blamed the players and threatened to pull the plug. No wonder he's only looking forward to making an owner happy.