Rob Manfred Was Booed Heartily at the World Series

Ryan Phillips
Rob Manfred, World Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Dodgers  - Game Six
Rob Manfred, World Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Six / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Rob Manfred is not a popular man. Major League Baseball's commissioner got a taste of how disliked he is before handing off the World Series trophy to the Los Angeles Dodgers Tuesday night.

As Manfred began a speech about the 2020 season, he was booed so loudly by the 11,000 fans in attendance that he had to pause and compose himself before continuing. He appeared furious at the reception he received.

Check it out:

Yeah, he was shook.

Manfred has been a horrible leader for MLB since taking his position. I've advocated for him to be fired a number of times. He is currently the worst commissioner of a major sporting league and the competition isn't particularly close.

Let's also not forget, just a few months ago, he called that trophy he gave to the Dodgers nothing more than a piece of metal.

Manfred had a rough night during Game 6. He was booed handing out the trophy and minutes before that it was revealed Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner tested positive for COVID-19 during the game. That's an embarrassment to the system Manfred helped set up, since it's like others in the Dodgers' traveling party have the virus or will eventually test positive.