Gronk Explains How He Followed 'Patriot Way' as a Goofy Partier

Ryan Glasspiegel

The marriage of convenience between Rob Gronkowski and the New England Patriots is always interesting to think about. He had a bigger individualist personality than any stars who stuck there throughout their nearly two-decade (and counting) dynasty.

On Sunday's Fox NFL Kickoff, Tony Gonzalez asked Gronk about how he reconciled being a fun-loving partier with the rigid confines of Belichick-land:

To boil it down, Gronk explained that when he was in the football facility, he was all about the business of following what Belichick, Josh McDaniels, and the other Pats coaches told him to do (and, in the process, he endearingly had to slow down to make sure he said the word "philosophy" correctly). While he never got himself into trouble with the law or anything like that, what goes unspoken here is that Gronk's immense talent -- he's at worst the third or fourth best tight end of all-time -- probably also granted him some latitude off the field that players lower on the depth chart wouldn't have had.