Rob Gronkowski on His Masters Champions Dinner Menu: 'Is what what you meant? Like food?'

Stephen Douglas
2023 Gronk Beach
2023 Gronk Beach / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The Masters Champions dinner is held every year with the previous year's winner picking a special menu. It sounds cool, but it's actually something that happens in many homes across the country every day. You might be thinking, "But professional chefs prepare this feast!" To which I would respond, "That's just a restaurant!" Besides, if the other champions aren't interested in the special menu, they get to order off the regular Augusta menu.

Between weddings and any other number of special occasions, picking a menu isn't really that interesting. It's just another way of asking someone what they like to eat. Still, we love our prompts, don't we folks? That's why Rob Gronkowski was asked about it while attending the Valspar Championship over the weekend. His response was very Gronk-y.

"My menu would be cheeseburgers, chicken finger subs, buffalo wins with bleu cheese on the side and of course my lovely ice shaker right here with an ice cold beverage inside just getting a little tipsy at all times. Is that what you meant by menu? Like, food?"

Just a delightfully bro-y menu capped off by the even more perfectly Gronk-ish, "Is that what you meant by menu?" The only other question I have is whether he met Christopher McDonald, who actually played Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore or someone who runs an awful Twitter account.