Rob Gronkowski Leaves Colorful Comment on Julian Edelman's Instagram Photoshop With Tom Brady

Stephen Douglas

Tom Brady and Justin Timberlake were hanging out at UFC 200 over the weekend. On Tuesday, Julian Edelman posted a picture of Timberlake and his quarterback on Instagram with himself – also wearing a newsboy cap – photoshopped into the image. (As if two newsboy caps in an entourage weren’t already one too many…)

Early this morning, Rob Gronkowski – or someone with access to Gronk’s Instagram account – commented on the picture saying “How many TD’s would I have if I **** Brady like you??”

Sounds like somebody is jealous that he’s the only one on the team who doesn’t have a Photoshop guy

Gronk had 11 receiving touchdowns in 15 games last season. Julian Edelman had 7 touchdowns in 9 games. You can draw your own conclusions on the rapport between quarterbacks and receivers who have a shared fondness of newsboy caps.