Rob Gronkowski Is Super Skinny Now

By Kevin Gamgort

After announcing his retirement at the culmination of the 2019 NFL season, many have speculated that Rob Gronkowski may return to the league at some point in the future. At 30-years old, Gronkowski has shown that he can still play in the league, finishing last season with 682 receiving yards and three touchdowns in 13 games.

Based on the most recent picture of Gronkowski enjoying the retired life, it looks like that rumor can be put to an end.

Weighing in at 265 pounds throughout his career, Gronk appears to have lost a substantial amount of weight in just a few months. When athletes retire, their diets and weight tend to alter significantly. For Gronkowski, he not only appears to have slimmed down but looks straight up skinny now.

Although he does not appear to be returning to the gridiron anytime soon, based on the rate at which he lost weight, it looks like it won’t be an issue for him to put it back on if called upon.