Rob Gronkowski Becoming CBD Advocate for Sports Leagues

Bobby Burack

Rob Gronkowski’s big post-football announcement is in. The former league-changing tight end announced he is becoming a CBD advocate for sports leagues and that he has a new endorsement deal with CBDMedic from Abacus Health Products.

Gronkowski said this morning:

"“I’m here to appeal to the sports governing bodies to update their positions on CBD used by all players. For the first time in a decade, I’m pain-free.”"

Gronkowski, who dealt with a multitude of injuries over the course of his career, didn’t close the door on a return to football; however, he doesn’t see a return happening in the foreseeable future.

There was a lot of speculation that this announcement today would have something to do with the WWE. And while that wasn’t the case, you have to wonder if that, too, is in Gronk’s future plans. I mean, we would all be down for it.