What is Rob Dyrdek's Net Worth?

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Rob Dyrdek
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Rob Dyrdek is the host and creator of Ridiculousness, the MTV show that always seems to be on regardless of the day or time. Dyrdek isn't involved in every episode but most of the time he's next to Chanel West Coast and Sterling Brim, watching people do dumb stuff on the Internet and laughing about it.

How lucrative is this endeavor? Let's find out.

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

According to celebritynetworth.com, Rob Dyrdek's net worth checks in at a cool $100 million.

This may come as a surprise to those who only know him as the Ridiculousness guy but Dyrdek has led several successful ventures over the course of his life. He became a pro skateboarder at only 12 years-old, setting 21 Guinness Book of World Records skateboarding records in his career. He ended up making a couple of shows for MTV, Rob & Big and Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, before he made Ridiculousness. He also produced his own movie and has a hand in a few other shows via his production company.