Rick Reilly Projects onto Aaron Craft, Asks Craft About Being Annoying [VIDEO]


Rick Reilly lacks self-awareness. He is also working on the seminal “Aaron Craft is an annoying white guy” piece that should carry the proper amount of Rick Reilly nonsense. At today’s press conference, he asked Craft: “Can you see how some people might see you as annoying?”

Craft, demonstrating the quick wit of a guy who would not be the last to believe Lance Armstrong, responded, “I think he’s asking you, Deshaun.” Reilly persisted with that awful question.

So yes, Rick Reilly cannot see how people might see him as annoying, and continues to mail in ridiculous story lines. It appears he has now moved on to quizzing players about geography. And to think, ESPN could have actually moved on from Rick Reilly, but chose to bring him back.

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