Rick Pitino's Biggest Coaching Regret Is... Leaving Providence College

Liam McKeone
Rick Pinito
Rick Pinito / Sonia Canada/Getty Images

Rick Pitino is back, folks. After spending the last two years excommunicated to the land of European basketabll and coaching in the Greek league, Iona College (in an all-time Saturday afternoon news dump) announced they were hiring Pitino as the new head coach of their basketball program.

Following his hiring, Pitino was asked about the various mistakes of all sizes in his coaching past. He pointed to one in particular as his biggest error, but I can't imagine it's the one you're thinking of.

So. Not the fact that he was suspended five games and forced the NCAA to vacate Louisville's 2013 national title because he allowed escorts to be hired under his watch to woo potential recruits. Not his involvement in Louisville's pay-for-play program that led to his firing. Not his failed experiment as head coach of the Boston Celtics. None of that constitutes his biggest coaching mistake. No, no. It was just him leaving Providence that he looks back upon with regret.

I mean, come on. Nobody was or is expecting a heartfelt apology years after the fact for the misdeeds of his past, but to pretend they never happened is, as the kids say, not it.