Rick Barry to Rob Parker During Heated Radio Interview: "You Are a Loser"


Hall of Famer Rick Barry hopped on Fox Sports Radio this afternoon to talk shop with Rob Parker and Mark Willard. The conversation lasted all of a minute before devolving into a good old-fashioned name-calling and credential measuring contest.

Parker asked Barry about LeBron James’ decision to pass to Kyle Korver in the final minute of Game 3 instead of taking the shot himself. Barry wasn’t having the suggestion it was the wrong move.

“You’ve got to stop because you don’t know the game,” Barry responded. “You guys don’t know the game and should be ashamed of yourself.

Parker shot back that he’s been covering the game of basketball for 31 years. Some back and forth about “respecting the business” was had before Barry called Parker a “loser.”

Then they were really off to the races.

In the end, Barry apologized for making things personal which, depending on your viewpoint, may not have been necessary.

Interesting radio but we’re no closer to knowing if James made the correct decision.