Richie Incognito Says Roger Goodell's Absolute Power Is "Bogus"


Richie Incognito was the subject of a profile by Bob Glauber of Newsday. Incognito says he has made some changes and that he has matured and gained more self-awareness during his year-plus exile from football. Nevertheless, he still has a bitter taste about the process with which everything went down in Miami. Because of that, he empathizes with Tom Brady’s current situation.

“I just think it’s bogus, the whole system in how it’s set up with Roger and the complete, absolute power he has,” Incognito said. “He has so much power and he hires independent investigators who come in and are obviously not independent. They come in with an agenda and they come in looking to find facts to back up their argument. All the facts are slanted in their favor.

“Ted Wells came in with a mission against me,” he said. “Ted Wells came in slanted against me and everything in his report was slanted against me. There were some things in there that would have helped my cause that were left out.”

Incognito says that teammate testimony got left out, and “You see that in Brady’s case. There’s a lot of stuff that got left out. There’s a lot of misinformation.”

It continues to be interesting to see whether this Brady debacle will prompt a reevaluation of Ted Wells’ Dolphins investigation.