Richard Jefferson: Trae Young is More Steve Nash Than Stephen Curry

Kyle Koster
Atlanta Hawks v Detroit Pistons
Atlanta Hawks v Detroit Pistons / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Trae Young was incredible for the Atlanta Hawks in their season opener against Detroit last night, pouring in 38 points on 6-for-10 shooting beyond the arc. The second-year man made several shots from the freaking logo, which is a very Stephen Curry thing to do. But this morning on Get Up, Richard Jefferson offered a different comparison for Young.

Young is a better passer than Curry. But he's clearly a better and more fearless shooter than Nash. Reasonable minds can disagree on which blueprint to NBA superstardom he's following. We can all agree that these are very flattering comps.

A special shoutout to anyone who may have picked the Hawks to win the Eastern Conference this year. That person is yet to see anything that would dissuade his or herself of that notion.