Richard Jefferson's Epic Burn of Kendrick Perkins Killed on 'NBA Courtside'

Stephen Douglas

The Brooklyn Nets beat the New York Knicks, 112-85, on Wednesday night on ESPN. Before the game Malika Andrews, Richard Jefferson, Chiney Ogwumika and Kendrick Perkins were discussing Kevin Durant's seemingly impossible task leading the Nets through a tumultuous season. Kendrick Perkins said it "reminds me of when he had to carry me back in Oklahoma City." Without missing a beat Richard Jefferson said, "yeah, that's gotta be a tall task to carry you."

The reactions to this are priceless. Oguwmike's body briefly appeard to power down before she recovered and had to momentarily leave her seat. Perk, to his credit, cracked up. Malika Andrews looked like she might have seen the joke coming as she turned to the camera in unison with the punchline to give it a Jim Halpert look.

Jefferson was clearly pleased that his joke landed, which means everyone had a good time. And what more could you ask of a basketball pregame show?