Richard Jefferson to Paul Pierce: Stop Saying My Name

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During an appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast this week, Paul Pierce was asked to name the most overrated player he faced during his NBA career. His answer was Richard Jefferson. On Tuesday, Jefferson responded by utterly destroying Pierce in a video posted to social media.

Jefferson tweeted, "Stop saying my name, Stop DM'ing me @paulpierce34." Then in the video points out all the ways in which Pierce was overrated while touting his own accomplishments. It's a pretty epic takedown.

Here's video:

So Jefferson's points are as follows:
-Pierce had a long career without a ton of team success before Kevin Garnett joined the Boston Celtics.
-After being traded to the Nets during the 2001 NBA Draft he helped them reach back-to-back NBA Finals.
-Pierce's trade to the Nets is widely considered among the worst in NBA history.
-Pierce got fired from ESPN, while Jefferson is still there. And Pierce would have been behind Jefferson on the pecking order there anyway.

You can quibble with some of the minor details and issues surrounding those facts, but it's a pretty fantastic response from Jefferson.

UPDATE: Jefferson has taken the video down.