Richard Jefferson: Carmelo Anthony is Playing the Long Game

Kyle Koster

Carmelo Anthony has played two games with the Portland Trail Blazers. He's been an offensive weapon but, unsurprisingly, hasn't helped a porous defense show any improvement. Many are wondering why Anthony, who is 35 and has only so many miles left on his body, would even bother coming back for a team like the Trail Blazers. At 5-11 in a deep and talented Western Conference, it doesn't appear like they'll do much now or in the future.

Richard Jefferson had an answer for those inquiring minds this morning on Get Up. Like the first step of the D.E.N.N.I.S. system, it's all about demonstrating value.

Considering this an audition for a lesser role on a championship team will help Melo stay engaged. It'll also help him from getting too discouraged. In the small sample size available, it's clear he can still get those buckets. The other stuff is still a bit suspect.

It'd be pretty cool from the neutral perspective to seem Anthony finally get a ring by being the opposite of what he was his entire career. Though, that would come with three weeks of LEGACY debate. So a mixed bag as always.