Rich Eisen Will Be Back For More With NFL Network

Kyle Koster
Kevin Winter/GettyImages

Rich Eisen addressed the future on his show today, not because he wanted to but because he had to following a report last week that he was poised to hit free agency in August.

"So the story comes out July 20th," Eisen said. "I agreed to terms with NFL Network on June 17th. If you'd called me, I'd have told you that. No one called me and the last thing I wanted to do was give any more life to something that I don't really think should be in public."

Eisen said he's waiting on the paperwork to be completed — i's dotted and t's crossed, things of that nature.

"I'll be there," he continued. "I want to be there for a long time. I love working there. I love working with the people who work there. So I'mma be there."

Eisen was the first talent to be added to NFL Network and is rapidly approaching two decades of service. In accordance with his wishes we'll just stop this post here without making a big thing of it, but not before ending on a positive note that it's nice to see a long and productive marriage in this industry continue.