Rich Eisen Looks Great With Patrick Mahomes' Hair

Brian Giuffra
Rich Eisen running.
Rich Eisen running. / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We're nearly a month into lockdown and somehow it took this long for people to realize swapping hair on individuals is funny. Ideation is running slow during the COVID pandemic.

It all started with Bleacher Report having some fun by swapping hair amongst NBA players.

The LeBron-AD post made me smile, and it's always funny seeing James Harden without a beard, but it wasn't until NFL Network host Rich Eisen got involved that I truly spit my tea across the dining room. Eisen, a man who understands it's better to lean into the bald look then try to fight it, posted the following photo replying to Mahomes' haircut issues during quarantine.

For reference (in case you missed the cover photo), this is what Eisen usually looks like.

Rich Eisen.
Rich Eisen. / Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Now, I'm no hair stylist, but Eisen with the Mahomes flow looks good. Perhaps a Halloween look for this year, Mr. Eisen?

It's approved by Mahomes and me. Now let's make it happen in real life.