Ric Flair Gives 49ers a Pep Talk, Team's Offensive Lineman Rips Green Bay

Ryan Glasspiegel

The postseason of has-been pro wrestlers giving pep talks to NFL playoff teams rages on. Earlier this week, Hulk Hogan filmed a bizarre promo stumping for the Patriots, which was sure to bring a Super Bowl to New England until last night when Ric Flair graced the 49ers with his presence, thereby ensuring that the Lombardi trophy was once again up for grabs:

The team was enormously excited, and more than a half-dozen of the players immediately took to their social media accounts to gloat, while offensive lineman Anthony Davis used the opportunity to take a potshot at the Green Bay area:

What does or doesn’t constitute a “shit hole” can be a matter of personal opinion, but I’m typing this blog post from a Green Bay hotel and happen to disagree (especially in comparison to Davis’ home state of New Jersey).

What’s not up for debate, however, is that Ric Flair is an NFL bigamist. The Nature Boy’s hometown Carolina Panthers have been paying homage to him after victories, and he passed along encouragement to the team — whom the 49ers would play next week if they win in Green Bay — earlier this season.