RGIII Benched for Colt McCoy

Ryan Glasspiegel

Amidst a three-game losing streak, Washington has opted to sit Robert Griffin III for Colt McCoy for this Sunday’s game in Indianapolis. The news was first reported by Adam Schefter. Though Schefter also writes that “appears to be a significant part of the Redskins’ long-term plan,” it’s hard to imagine that actually being the case at this point. No matter what is said publicly today, it’s been consecutive seasons where two different head coaches seemed to be battling management for the green light to bench Griffin earlier. (Reading between the lines, you could tell Jay Gruden wanted to make the move to McCoy last week at the latest.)

The odious Washington organization notwithstanding, it’s been profoundly sad to watch Griffin flounder after sustaining a knee injury at the end of his electrifying rookie season. However one may feel about the quarterback’s personality or purported sense of entitlement, we watch sports in large part to witness super-humans accomplish athletic feats we’ve never seen before. Two years ago, Griffin’s combination of running and throwing was a privilege to watch — and it was only going to better! — and it feels ever-less likely we’ll get to see him sustain that again.

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