RG3 Holding Hands With Track Athlete Grete Sadeiko

The Big Lead

Robert Griffin III and his wife of three years are getting divorced, as was reported on Tuesday. It didn’t take long for new romantic linkage to emerge. BSO noted earlier today that track and field athlete Grete Sadeiko appeared to wish RG3 luck in a recent preseason game, and that RG3 has been on a liking spree of her tweets. This tweet was not tagged, but would thematically fit the narrative that they’re an item:

She also wished someone luck before starting training camp, and Griffin was one of the two accounts that liked that tweet.

TMZ adds a photo of the two holding hands to the discussion:

TMZ notes that Sadeiko was born in Estonia, and currently attends Florida State. Her Instagram page is currently private, but these are some photos from her Twitter account: