Rex Ryan-Robert Saleh Feud Already Over

Liam McKeone
Robert Saleh
Robert Saleh / Al Bello/GettyImages

Rex Ryan's extremely harsh critique of Robert Saleh's first season at the helm of the New York Jets made a news cycle out of itself last week. Ryan slammed Saleh's performance in the first half of the season on ESPN radio and demanded nobody mention his name alongside Saleh's when discussing Jets head coaches. Saleh responded with a fairly cool head but his brother did not, suggesting Ryan stick to "eating cheeseburgers."

This kind of feud between analyst and coach is not good for business, so it is of no surprise that Ryan walked back his comments on ESPN this morning. He said he got around to talking to Saleh (a thing he probably should have done before going nuclear on radio) and was very impressed with the first-year head coach.

The only way this was going to end, really. Ryan's comments were a bit over-the-top considering Saleh has coached less than a full season as the head honcho and the Jets were never going to be good in 2021 even if Saleh was the second coming of Bill Belichick. And if he sticks around in the long run, a feud is not good for Ryan or the network that employs him.

Thus the saga comes to its natural conclusion.