Rex Ryan: Mike Zimmer Got His Rocks Back, Kirk Cousins Got His Rocks Off

Liam McKeone

It is Monday morning, and thus the NFL talking media heads kick off everyone's week with some healthy discussion about Sunday's slate of games. One of the storylines worth discussing is the Vikings walking into Ford Field and dominating the Lions with an offensive showcase from Kirk Cousins.

Rex Ryan discussed this development on Get Up, and decided to use an interesting, shall we say, turn of phrase to describe Cousins and the offensive success the Vikings have found of late.

There were definitely better ways to get his message across, but hey, whatever works, Rex.

The crew quickly transitioned to another topic, and Elle Duncan quipped to Mike Greenberg, "It's safe to say you just want to get up and go, Greeny." For those unfamiliar with the show, Get Up and Go is a name of one of their regular segments. A fun morning to watch Get Up if you aren't too groggy to pick up on their cleverness.