Rex Ryan: Criticizing Lamar Jackson is Idiotic

Kyle Koster
Rex Ryan won't hear of criticizing Lamar Jackson.
Rex Ryan won't hear of criticizing Lamar Jackson. /

Perhaps as a result of two intriguing games with sexy storylines yesterday, the fallout from the Baltimore Ravens' choke job and roasting of Lamar Jackson has been far less severe this Monday morning than expected.

Sometimes life surprises you. Of course, Colin Cowherd's show doesn't air for a few hours.

Jackson accounted for 508 yards of offense but only mustered 12 points. It wasn't all his fault, but it was somewhat his fault. The young signal-caller has come up small in both his playoff starts.

The proper take is probably somewhere between the guy will never win and an MVP needs to do better.

Rex Ryan, speaking this morning on Get Up, had a more pointed angle: Anyone who criticizes Jackson is an absolute idiot.

This is just the thing to say on a morning sports roundtable. It's definitive and leaves no room for nuance. And that's part of the problem. Even Jackson supporters -- and I am a charter member of the fan club -- need to have some sense of reality here. Just because he's young doesn't mean he gets a pass.

The Ravens were set up to win a Super Bowl and Jackson's mediocre performance early helped create an insurmountable hole. If he's eligible for over-the-top praise, he must also be eligible for warranted criticism.