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Rex Ryan Makes Foot Joke, Forces Ryan Clark to Walk Off 'Get Up' Set

Liam McKeone
Get Up
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Aaron Rodgers' toe has been the subject of much discussion recently. The Green Bay Packers QB hurt the toe earlier in the year and the situation blew up after he joked it was "COVID toe" on the Pat McAfee Show, which is apparently a real thing but not what Rodgers is dealing with. The official report from the team is that he's dealing with a fractured toe, and the reigning MVP told reporters after last night's win over the Bears that it's been acting up.

Such an injury hinders Rodgers' mobility and therefore the Packers' Super Bowl hopes. The Get Up crew talked about it this morning and Rex Ryan took advantage of an easy joke by saying he is a "toe expert," a reference to a report from his time with the New York Jets that he has a foot fetish. This caught his ESPN coworkers by surprise and got a belly laugh out of everyone. Ryan Clark walked off the set. Mike Greenberg could barely speak to move the discussion along. Dan Orlovsky couldn't look at the camera. It was a scene.

Who says work can't be fun?