Rex Ryan Is the Official President of the Daniel Jones Fan Club

Bobby Burack
New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals
New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

New York sportswriters are having quite the morning after an impressive first game from Daniel Jones. But none of them are as filled with as much joy as former Jets head coach Rex Ryan. This morning on Get Up, Ryan was proud of himself for being one of the first to praise Jones coming out of the draft. And it didn't stop there.

If you plan to participate in the race to become for Jones what Nick Wright is for LeBron James, you better step your game up now. Ryan doesn't just think Jones will be good, he thinks is on his way to becoming a superstar in this league. Not just that, but he also thinks he is better than Sam Darnold already. Seems like a pretty strong statement after just one game against the irrelevant Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but hey. If you see a future superstar/superhero, it's important to say it loudly. Especially when you see that the quarterback is already better than the one your former employer has built a future around.