Rex Ryan Busts Out Dance Moves on 'Get Up'

Liam McKeone
Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan /

Sean Payton celebrated in style after his New Orleans Saints utterly dominated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on national television as he danced the night away with his players. Payton's dance moves were what one might expect from a 56-year-old football coach: cautious and uninspiring, but in the right spirit.

In response, 57-year-old former football coach Rex Ryan decided that today was the day he would dance on live TV. It is ... quite something. Ryan Clark cried.

Just at a loss for words here. Let's get Ryan on Dancing With The Stars so personalities more qualified than yours truly can weigh in on his dancing strategy. I will simply say that Ryan is clearly having fun up there, which is an important first step in any successful dance exhibition.

It will be fascinating to see if Payton takes his advice. The Saints are having a good year. There will probably be reason to dance in the locker room again. Adjust, adapt, and survive is a good motto for the NFL. It's time for Payton to apply it to how he dances.