Rex Ryan Blasts Cowboys For 'Lack of Professionalism' After Embarrassing Loss to Commanders

Liam McKeone
Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders
Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys decided to play their starters in Week 18 against the Washington Commanders. It turned out to be a terrible, terrible decision. Instead of dominating a lesser, already-eliminated team for 60 minutes the Cowboys got pushed around and made numerous boneheaded mistakes. Dak Prescott played his worst game of the year, completing only 37 percent of his passes for 128 yards and throwing one TD to one INT. He played all but two drives of the entire game! Those numbers do not need to be adjusted for a proper snap count. It was a catastrophic outing that obliterated any momentum Dallas might've had heading into the postseason.

Rex Ryan was disgusted with the Cowboys' performance and said as much on Get Up Monday morning. He called out the team for their "lack of professionalism." Which Ryan explained to mean they play down to their competition instead of putting forth their best foot forward no matter who is on the opposite sideline.

It was not great. But Dallas did more than play down to their competition. They played much, much worse. Perhaps it was the perfect confluence of events for a desperate Washington team playing only to embarrass their rivals. That the Cowboys aren't actually that bad. But it could be a sign of what's to come next week when the Cowboys visit Tampa Bay to play Tom Brady's Bucs.

Either way, Sunday was mighty concerning for the Cowboys.